The Motion Sickness Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast that features a mix of interviews with the top level creative forces in the Motion Graphics industry, the illest designers who are flying under the radar, and those brave souls who’ve left the business altogether. It will also serve as a personal platform for the host, Brian Michael Gossett, to share personal stories and anecdotes, advice, and a multitude of other fun stuff that comes up as the show evolves.



Brian’s an industry veteran with well over 10 years experience under his gut. He’s won a Grammy, an ADC Young Guns award, and a whole slew of other sick spoils throughout his career. Yet with those accolades he brings a down to earth voice to the show with a plethora of pop culture references and dad jokes thrown in for no good reason. What he hopes is that he can get his guests to open up and share some candid tales with the podcast’s dear listeners.

To get more information on the why he’s decided to kick off a podcast tune into this episode and to hear more about his journey that led him up to this point listen in on this episode. You can also listen to his interview with Ash Thorp on the Collective Podcast. 

Also, be sure to take a look at Brian’s own portfolio site when you have some time.



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