Season 01 | Episode 02 | Thomas Schmid, Just Another Chump


I personally rank Thomas Schmid as one of my own top 3 designers in this industry we call motion graphics. He is one of the original Buck slayers, having his hand in nearly every single ground-breaking short, commercial, music video, and end tag the seminal studio we all know and love has produced. Thomas recently released his first ever website displaying all of his eyegasmic work and nearly broke the internet. We discuss what took him so long among many other topics. Give it a listen and hear how nervous and awkward I was while talking to one of my own heroes.


Thomas’ upbringing  |  Highschool in NYC  |  Comic books & Psychedelia: Moebius, Enki Bilal, Alejandro Jodorowsky  |   |  Early days of Buck: Orion Tate, Ryan Honey, Yker Moreno, Jose Fuentes  |  NE-One: Ben Langsfeld  |  Psst Pass it On: Stephen Kelleher  |  Buck LA days  |  Early projects: Comedy Central, Coke Zero Project, Tower of Grantville, Fuel Campaign  |  The process of design and production, then vs. now  |  Creative Capital  |  The Buck Kool-Aide  |  Work coming from a vulnerable space  |  Nike Hypervenom spot  |  Complacency is your worst enemy  |  Talking too much about my work, sorry  |  Thomas finally puts up a site  |  Personal style vs Commercial art  |  Talking about myself too much again, so so sorry  |  Creative Direction vs Design  |  Droopy boob doodles  |  Bootlegging Thomas’ collaborative piece with Justin Fines  |  Life after Buck  |  Italy  |  Fantasy Art Industry nerd talk tangent: Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Simon Bisley  |  Morally questionable jobs, Method Suds  |  Unfortunately yet another story I told about myself, I’m working on not doing this  |  The Sickest designers: Ben Langsfeld, Stephen Kelleher, Gareth O’Brien, Justin Fines, Saiman Chow, Cody Hudson  |  3 Sickest unknown designers at Buck: Kyle Mowat, Kyle Strope, Arvid Volz    |  Nerding out over music and record collecting: Dick HymanTangerine Dream, Tortoise, David AxelrodEnnio Morricone, Brian Wilson