Season 01 | Episode 01 | Justin Cone, Mr. Motionographer


Where would this industry be without the one and only Justin Cone? For the first official episode I had the honor of having Justin stop by in the studio/Subaru to do an in person chat. We covered the history of Motionographer and discuss where he wants to take it in the future. Justin had a difficult time keeping his hands to himself, but at least his breath was fresh and he smelled nice. Also to note, Justin was literally sick when we did this interview. This was a great way to kick off the show!


Breaking the podcast’s ice  |  Why Justin started a blog about Motion Graphics  |  |  MK12, Lobo, Psyop  |  UT Austin, The Faculty Innovation Center  |  Tween  |  Eyeball, Shilo  |  Cream of the crop  |  Industry beginnings  |  RGA, Pittard Sullivan, Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro  |  Breaking shit in an artful way  |  Buck, Imaginary Forces, Brand New School, Star Dust, Exopolis, Logan  |  Tween to Motionographer  |  Shout out to Royale  |  Awkward teenage years of the industry  |  Justin’s posting criteria  |  The early contributors and staff to the site: Babe Baker, Fabricio Lima, Cody Cobb, Chris Palazzo, Matt Lambert, Michelle Higa Fox, Erica Gorochow, Brandon Lori  |  Haters & Trolls  |  Main Post vs. Quickies  |  Bran Dougherty-Johnson  |  Cream of the Crop  |  Motionographer Awards  |  Objective Standards  |  Newstoday, Dribbble, And Community Sites  |  Disagreeing with Motionographer contributors  |  Motionographer email threads  |  Shutting Motionographer down  |  The firehose that is Vimeo  |  Carlos El Asmar  |  Curation and taste  |  Industry of blogs, Video Co-Pilot, Greyscale Gorilla  |  Skillshare & Online Education: School of Motion, Mograph Mentor  |  Patreon and funding new ideas for the site  |  Justin playing God  |  New ways of exposure  |  Working remote  |  Motiongraphics method designing  |  Buck & Gretel  |  Back in Texas  |  Going deep and narrow  |  Simon Robson  |  Sick of posting  |  Sickest designers  |  Dan Fields, “Save it for the Show” shout out