Season 01 | Episode 04 | Aran Quinn, Shazz Panther


Aran “Shazz Panther” Quinn. The Lucky Leprechaun. The Fighting Irish. The Wee Lad. The Gold at the End of the Rainbow. These are just a few of his nicknames, most bestowed upon him by yours truly. What can I say, I love giving people nicknames. It’s my thang.

Aran is a young designer slash director slash skateboarder who has been staff at The Mill Plus for at least half of his life. Before that he was trying to find his way in the mire of Craigslist job ads and ankle deep animating sand. The stories uncovered in this episode are truly a delight. I absolutely love this episode as Aran is one of my favorite people in the entire universe. He’s a bashful bunny in the dark forest of advertising. I just hope he stays sweet and the evils don’t tranform him. I hope I don’t catch up with him in another 2 years from now and he has the ego the size of a Donald Trump steak.

I sincerely do love this episode with all of my heart and hope y’all do too! 


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