Season 01 | Episode 05 | Claudio Salas, Positively Pessimistic


Glass half full or half empty? This metaphor was the subject of a beautiful short film entitled “The Wisdom of Pessimism” that Claudio Salas spearheaded last year. And even though I did have the privilege of collaborating with him on the project I actually never spoke with him directly.

This episode serves just that purpose. Claudio and I get to know each other in this conversation so please keep that in mind as you listen. Claudio, it turns out, is a down to earth and flat out humble Swede who has an interesting story of globetrotting from city to city, country to country, bouncing around like a tennis ball and has currently landed in London. We cover a lot of “get to know you” turf here and it’s a lovely chat that I hope you enjoy.


Sharing family origins  |  How Claudio learned to draw  |  Watching and drawing cartoons  |  Hyper Island  |  Jens Sjobergh, Andreas Wannerstedt, Frederick Stutterheim  |  Claudio’s education  |  The Swedish BBC  |  Back to Hyper Island  |  Internship with Buck  |  Moving to the US & LA  |  Living Values  |  Drive less walk more, design, animation  |  Stephen Kelleher, Thomas Schmid, Yker Moreno, Jeremy Sahlman  |  Black Math  |  From Buck LA to Buck NY  |  Gareth O’Brien, Fede Reano, Jose Fuentes  |  Almost crossing paths  |  Living in NY  |  Globetrotting to London  |  Studio AKA, Man vs. Machine, Mainframe  |  Back to Buck LA  |  Claudio’s wife Emily Suvanej  |  Back to London again  |  The Wisdom of Pessimism  |  Alain de Botton & The School of Life  |  Joe Donaldson  |  Mikey Please  |  Bee Grandinetti  |  TBS Bumper  |  The satellite project & studio  |  Accolades of the WOP film  |  Self initiated work  |  Work that shares your values  |  Next 5 to 10 years  |  Claudio is a pessimist  |  Glass half empty drink  |  Animade  |  Donald Trump  |  Mads Mikkelsen in The Hunt  | Claudio is sick of the C2C song “Down the Road” used in reels  |  Charlie Kaufman & Anomalisa  |  Moth Collective  |  Thomas Schmid