Season 01 | Episode 07 | Jay Grandin, Former Internet Celebrity


Jay Grandin is the humble and gracious co-founder of one of the most beloved studios in motion graphics, Giant Ant. He has a storied past that I uncovered with our converstation including his humble beginnings as an industrial designer at Steelcase to his early viral celebrity status as a “content creator.”

Jay turned dick jokes and clever low brow comedy sketches into a deal with one of the early social media unicorns before eventually finding his true calling as a creative director in motion graphics and animation with his wife and business partner, Leah Nelson. We also get the rom-com backstory on how they met.

This chat with Jay is one of my absolute favorites thus far, I know you sickos are going to really enjoy it. I certainly did. 


Grammarly  |  Erica Gorochow  |  Baby Jay  |  Emily Carr University  |  Steelcase  |  JayVideo  | Jay was a viral internet celebrity | Myspace Series  |  Life after Myspace  |  Getting the ball rolling  |  How Jay met Leah  |  How Jay got into motion graphics and animation  |  The story behind the name, Giant Ant  |  What put Giant Ant on the Map, The Tom’s project  |  Lucas Brooking  |  Jorge Estrada  |  It takes a village  |  Saying farewell to Lucas & Jorge  |  New Hires:  Rafael Mayani, Eric Pautz, Conor Whelan  |  The benefits of staying small  |  Fatherhood of twins  |  Family friendly office culture  |  Work & life balance  |  The work and the industry maturing  |  Demo Duck project with Jorge & Claudio  |  Having strict hours  |  It never gets easier, you just keep moving faster  |  Dichotomy of Giant Ant, live action & animation  |  live action director collaborations: Gwenael Lewis & Kevan Funk  |  Blowing smoke up Jay’s ass  |  A good creative director is a safety harness  |  Giant Ant Austin?  |  What if Donald Trump was elected president?  |  What Jay looks for when he hires someone  |  Looking for leadership with passion  |  How Giant Ant decides to take on a project or not  |  Living and working your values, Patagonia  |  Would Jay hire his kids in the future  |  Sharing gross baby stories  |  Weirdest thing a client has asked Giant Ant to do  |  To-This Day  |  Talking poems  |  What Jay is sick of the most  |  Pitching for free  |  Political tangents  |  The cracked veneer of pitching  |  Ending on a hopeful note