Season 01 | Episode 06 | Joshua Harvey, the Jack Master of All Trades


Joshua Harvey is the deadliest of deadly generalists. His talents are remarkably spread across many different roles spanning designer to animator to technical director to creative director. What sets him apart from the rest is the level at which he works at in each of these roles. You know that cliche saying of “jack of all trades, master of none?” Well for Josh, it’s “jack of all trades, master of all trades.”

In our chat we discuss: his lineage—including his brother who is also in the motion design and animation industry, his success right out of the gate covering his early days at Psyop to his time at Buck, his time freelancing and having a rep as a director, and we even take some time to geek out on video games. It’s such a sick chat with a down to earth rock star.


Building computers with mom  |  Josh’s upbringing  |  Josh’s brother Jordan Harvey  |  Chris and Jon Saunders  |  Getting to know Josh  |  Trying not to get comfortable  |  Jeremy Sahlman  |  Trevor Conrad  |  Josh wearing many hats  |  What got Josh into animation  |  Toy Story  |  Staff at Psyop  |  Happiness Factory  |  Getting back to Illustrating & Design  |  Kim Dulaney, Daniel PiwowarczykJustin Fines, Jon Saunders, Mato Atom, Mate Steinforth, Babak Radboy, PJ Richardson  |  Technical vs. Artistic  |  Guinness Project  |  Leaving Psyop  |  Going freelance  |  Panda Panther  |  Winding up at Buck  |  Sherwin Williams  |  Learning on the job  |  Fruitsnakia Spots  |  The talented people of Buck  |  Thomas Schmid  |  Josh’s first project with Thomas  |  Grimbergen Spot  |  Moving to Los Angeles to staff at Buck  |  Big shoes to fill in LA  |  Not qualified for the job  |  Black Math  |  Steve Martin TBS Spot  |  Lucas Brooking  |  Coast to coast, NY to LA  |  Joe Mullen  |  Ryan Honey, Ege Soyuer. Gunnar Pettersson, Jenny Ko  |  Tenure at Buck  |  Thomas and Joe drawing people in  |  Leaving the office life  |  Lifestyle decision to leave Buck  |  Thriving in freelance  |  Doing taxes  |   Signing with a rep  |  Passion Pictures  |  Lessons in futility  |  Not wrecking yourself  |  Designer / Director pitfalls  |  Burning out  |  Working with a copywriter  |  Elastic  |  Hitting the buzzwords  |  Moving into different markets, video games  |  Geeking out on games  |  Tetris & Dr. Mario  |  Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters  |  Street Fighter 2, Soul Caliber, Mortal Kombat  |  Miguel Salek  |  Nintendo Repros, Nhantendo  |  Open Emu, Emuparadise  |  Halo & Battlefront  |  Metroid  |   Josh wanting to get in on Instagram  |  Self initiated art  |  What’s next for Joshua, virtual reality  |  Hire Josh to do VR  |  Sick of being a servant to the man  |  It sucks having to pay bills  |  Is Josh related to Steve Harvey  |  Freelancing is pretty fucking awesome  |  Being ok with making turds  |  Ira Glass quote , not Mike Mills  |  Know why you’re doing it  |  Staff vs. Freelancing  |  Joe Mullen, Thomas Schmid, Yker Moreno, Daniel Oeffinger, Gareth O’Brien