In this mini episode I wax nostalgia as I hit my 10th year as a freelancer in the motion graphics industry. I go back in time to recap my journey through all of the jobs I’ve had from mowing lawns to online poker and everything between and beyond. I also share some weird job related stories from other motion designers from a question I posted on Mixed Parts. Enjoy!

Logan  |  Abbot Kinney  |  Nora Lowinsky  |  Peter Bjorn John “Young Folks”  |  Kevin Shapiro  |  Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”  |  Subway Spots with RGIII  |  Progressive Spots  |  Discussion Thread on Mixed Parts  |  Josh Harvey  |  Mowing lawns  |  Printer’s Apprentice  |  Best Buy  |  Resident Evil  |  Jason’s Deli  |  Delivering food to Houston Rockets  |  Dodging a tornado  |  Sam Goody  |  Carrabba’s Italian Grill  |  Origin Design  |  Meeting my future wife  |  Metal, it was actually in 2003 I got the job not 2000  |  Playing online poker  |  News Today  |  65 Media  |  Exopolis  |  What I learned from these jobs  |  Mixed Parts  |  Daniel Savage  |  Louis Wesolowsky  |  Ryan Summers  |  Al Boardman  |  Jerry Liu  |  Skip Hursh  |  Erin Kilkenny  |  Justin Cassano  |  Justin Lawes  |  Bran Dougherty-Johnson  |  Putting things into perspective