Season 01 | Episode 08 | The Other Dan Savage


Daniel Savage, not to be confused with Dan Savage the LGBT activist and writer, is one of my favorite designers and animators in our industry. He’s a bit of a maverick who has not only reinvented himself in terms of his portfolio and style but he has initiated beloved projects such as Yule Log and Mixed Parts, a Reddit style discussion forum for our industry.

Dan’s one of the most honest and sociable people I have met and I always enjoy getting into a discussion with him as he always has an insightful point of view when it comes to design and animation. 

Join Dan and myself discuss a broad range of stuff over a cup of coffee together in my home town Austin, Texas. The episode was recorded out of the sound studio so keep that in mind while listening. Enjoy! 


Daniel Savage  |  Ladybird Lake  |  Dan’s childhood  |  Percussion & Drumming  |  SUNY College  |  Punting on AOL, Warez Groups, Trolling  |  Chapter 3, Jens Karlsson, Vir2L, Gmunk, Mike Cina, Mike Young, You Work for Them, Enter the Dragon, Shilo  |  Cranbrook  |  Getting into MoGraph  |  Adam Gault  |  Nicktoons Animation Film Festival  |  Realizing character work is what we’re into  |  Scrapping together a reel  |  Animating his print assignments in school  |  First job at Comedy Central  |  Salih Abdul-Kareem  |  Freelancing  |  Super Fad: Seth Hulewat, Pierce Gibson  |  Getting bummed out on commercials  |  Helium Harvey  |  Colin Hesterly  |  Something Savage  |  3 Legged Legs  |  Running 3 jobs and renting studio space  |  Michelle Higa Fox  |  Figuring shit out  |  Erica Gorochow  |  Gif Shop  |  Staying hungry  |  Joey Korenman  |  Finding a voice  |  Illustration  |  Abstracting the human form  |  Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Abner Graboff, Jerome Snyder  |  Art of subtraction  |   Doodle drums  |  36 Days of Type  |  Narrow your range  |  Bringing estate and something together  |  Joaquin Torres Garcia  |  Ben Shahn  |  UPA  |  Mary Blair, Small World  |  Yule Log  |  Wondersauce  |  Yule Log jury  |  Burrito & Hot Sauce, TJ Sochor  |  Wishlist  |  Living our values  |  Thinking ahead  |  Geoff McFetridge  |  Pencil Factory  |  Dan’s sibling theory  |  Dan is sick of the word “mograph”  |  The word and title “director”  |  Traveling to recharge  |  Adam Gault  |  Jon Contino  |  Mixed Parts, Joshie Fishbein, Robbie Junge  |  Look See short film