Season 01 | Episode 09 | Where the Redfern Grows


Lucas Brooking has risen the ranks in the motion graphics industry at such an accellerated pace that I’m pretty sure he’s suffering from whiplash. Not too many years ago Lucas was in a death metal band designing spiky logos and drawing skulls. Recently he’s gone from helping put Giant Ant on the top of the pile to helping grow Buck’s new Sydney office with his kiwi bud, Gareth O’Brien.

He’s seriously cooler than the other side of the pillow and he’s got the tattoos to prove it. Spark up a doobie and laugh along as we talk about some pretty embarrassing stories and get a little insight from a designer who is doing some of the sickest stuff right now. Enjoy! 


Lucas’ dark origins  /  Meeting Gareth O’Brien  /  MK12  /  Two Justin Harders tangent /  Gmunk and Mandingo  /  Tim Jester  /  Vir2L  /  Designing for his death metal band  /  Deadboy records  /  Lucas’ guitar, ESP M1  /  Discovering himself as an artist  /  A well needed ego boosts  /  Leaving New Zealand to get a real job  /  Growing up in a creative family  /  Dad’s music: Sex Pistols, Clash, Elvis Costello, The Cars, Talking Heads  /  First client a 8 years old  /  Drawing Ninja Turtles  /  School days  /  Early creative culture and inspiration  /  Being a cool skateboarder  /  High times  /  Fucking up early  /  Visual Communication Design  /  Getting sick, literally  /  Kidney stones, Lift Plus  /  Animalators  /  Fondness and nostalgia for dark times  /  Jumping into the lighter stuff  /  Lucas’ skateboarding guy  /  Importance of personal projects  /  Lucas’  6 month tour  /  Leveling Up  /  Reach out to your heroes  /  Mill NY and Buck NY are comically close  in proximity  /  Lucas “ends up” at Giant Ant  /  Talking Jay Grandin  /  Leaving Giant Ant  /   Buck Sydney  /  Lucas’ time freelancing  /  Jeremy Sahlman  /  Black Math  /  Josh Harvey  /  Oddfellows  /  Living and working in the country  /  Setting up at Buck Sydney  /  Little studio vibe but with big studio support  /  Thomas Schmid  /  What Lucas sees himself doing in the future  /  Freelance  /  Tattoos  /  Santa Cruz  /  The Famous S  /  Funny tattoo stories  /  Instagram  /  Oversharing  /  What makes Lucas sick  /  Thomas Schmid, Josh Harvey, Moth Collective  /  Dave Prosser  /  Motiongraphics generations  /  Having a beer