Are you new to the Motion Sickness Podcast? Do you want to know why I decided to start this podcast? Do you like the sound of a smooth, silky, golden voiced man? If you answered yes to any of those questions you should probs listen to this electrifying introductory episode. It’s a short and sweet no frills episode which sheds some light on why this podcast exists and what I intend to do with it.

Why I started the show  |  A brief intro about the host  |  The WTF! With Marc Maron of Motion Graphics  |  Who I plan to interview  |  A raw podcast  |  The Collective Podcast  |  Digging deeper  |  The show will improve as it goes  |  Schedule of Podcast  |  Engaging with the audience  |  questions@motionsicknesspodcast.com  |  Consistency  |  The show will be in seasons and will go on hiatus at some point  |  An unrated or mature content in terms of language and subject matter  |  Thanks, please head over to iTunes to rate and review after you subscribe