I want my interviews to be mostly about the guests that I am talking to. I want those conversations to unfold, told through their stories via the questions and themes I want to explore with them. I don’t want my own stories to convolute or muddy the chats and bog them down—but it will probably happen from time to time. So in order to avoid talking about myself in those episodes I’ll try to keep some of these mini episodes as a platform for me to get on my soap box. This mini episode is a quick, broad brush-stroke of my backstory to give you kind listeners a glimpse into the guy behind the guy. 

Se7en titles, Trent Reznor, David Fincher  |  Garbage Pail Kids  |  Fine Art Influences: Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Mark Rothko  |  Fantasy Art Influences: Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazeta  |  College, learning about graphic design  |  Kyle Cooper  |  David Carson  |  Golden Age Designers: Reid Miles, Paul Rand, Saul Bass  |  Imaginary Forces  |  Beckham Dossett taught motion design at University of Houston  |  Life after graduation  |  First job at Metal  |  Getting fired  |  Floundering around playing poker and Halo  |  Getting humbled: going bald and getting my shit together  |  Newstoday  |  Gabe Rubin and 65 Media  |  Moving to California and getting fired yet again  |  Not a good enough designer  | Broke, alone, and terrified  |  Exopolis  |  The cool shops: Star Dust, Logan, Buck, Brand New School  |  Exciting time to be young and breaking through  |  Honing my craft and going freelance after art directing at Logan  |  Cream o’crop of Motionographer & ADC Young Guns award  |  Repped as an illustrator with Debut Art  |  Winning a Grammy at Motion Theory for The Black Eyed Peas music video  |  Target commercial with Prince  |  Royal Bank of Canada animated character spot  |  Changing directions and rebuilding the style of work and portfolio  |  Leaving Los Angeles to move to New York to work at The Mill  |  Directing & learning  |  Birth of our first son  |  Moving back to Texas  |  Starting a podcast  |  Judd Apatow “Sick in the Head”  |  Starting an interview podcast  |  The challenges of working in this industry for so long  |  questions@motionsickness.com