Season 01 | Episode 03 | Trevor Conrad, Not a Photographer


Trevor Conrad is neither a villain from an 80s teen movie who wears sweaters tied around his shoulders or a character from a Wes Anderson film. Trevor Conrad however is a great name. And behind every great name is a great man, or at least that’s the case with this man.

Trevor is one talented dude. He’s been staff at some of the top shops out there and just left the freelance market to join the roster of directors at Psyop LA. In this chat we’ll learn a lot about the seemingly laid back sports bro who can draw. We cover a broad range of stuff from his journey from the Pixar to the agency world and then into the production side of things to what’s on the horizon in the near future.

It’s a fun yak, especially where we get deep into the perils of working from home and all the sickness that comes with it. Mostly the smells 


Meeting at the Apple Store in Santa Monica for the Young Guns talk I did  |  PJ Richardson  |  Drive Less Walk More poster  |  Internet Friends, Joe Donaldson  |  First jobs for Trevor, Target, Pixar, Goodby Silverstein  |  Generalist vs. Specialist  |  Motion Design shops in the early days, Buck, Blind, Superfad, Psyop, Capacity  |  Going to Buck, Jon Gorman, Josh Harvey, Jeremy Sahlman, Ryan Honey, Joe Mullen, Jenny Ko  |  Gentleman Scholar, Will Johnson  |  Freelancing at Psyop  |  Trying new things out  |  Trevor’s work & voice  |  Learning 3D, Z-Brush, Alex Dingfelder, Ash Thorp  |  Where it all began  |  Where the Magic the Gathering happens  |  Trevor’s signature mustache  |  Fine Art inspirations, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Robert Valley, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec  |  Graffiti Art, Banksy, Futura 2000  |  Freelancing Life |  Not bathing and getting stinky  |  My Squarespace project, TJ Sochor  |  Swamp ass  |  Working in the nude  |   Work / life balancing  |  What makes Trevor sick  |  Lunchtime talk, catered lunches at Psyop and Elastic, Jackson Market  |  What’s on the horizon  |  Staying relevant  |  Social networking, Instagram, Dribbble, Tuna Bora, Max Ulichney  |  3 sickest designers, Josh Harvey, JP Rooney, Jon Gorman  |  Studios shifting focus  |  Cooking food, Blue Apron, The Mind of a Chef, No Reservations  |  Reality show for motion designers